Switch Statement?

Im not exactly sure how the switch statement goes. Even though Ive done the “freecodecamp” exercises, Im still confused as to why and how it is used? *Update Looked at W3 School to understand. Sometimes, although I love freecodecamp I need to look at other resources to understand simply.


What on earth does this mean? orderMyLogic(7); I get the that orderMyLogic is assigned to a function but not exactly sure what the (7) is? Brains a little foggy today. I'll probably get it tomorrow.

JS Operators

Learning operators. Feel like studying Javascript is a combo of maths and english grammar. Both I weren’t great at! (&&) compares 2 values and returns “true” only if both are true. This operator (||) returns “true” if 1 of the values is true. I think thats right…