Computers need to be hand fed.

Computers, unlike humans need to be hand fed. Humans tend to absorb a lot of context of a situation or instruction, whereas computers, in their 0 and 1, OFF or ON language need a little more simplistic, step by step instruction.

I learnt today that a while loop can use (true) in order to execute an instruction.

for (var i = 0; i < 50; i ++){}

As in the above, the first instruction i = 0 is what the code is preparing to do.

The second piece, is the condition, so until i is less than 50.

The third piece is the code in ACTION! So it will add 1 to i until it is 49.

Really liking Harvard X CS50 Introduction to Computer Science.

PS…Wish I wrote a daily journal like this for when I was studying at University. Life can’t be all about intake, there needs to be output.

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